• How does high reactive oxygen disinfectant eliminate bacteria and viruses? Is it safe? 

    The principle behind high reactive oxygen species as a disinfectant is the electrolysis of water ions that produce oxidizing agents such as hydroxyl radical, superoxide radical, and hydrogen peroxide. These substances are highly reactive and will destroy the protein structures of viruses and bacteria upon contact. However it is harmless and safe to human body, after these oxidizing agents have attacked the biological targets and completed their chemical reactions, they will transform back into harmless water or oxygen molecules which does not contain any poison or secondary pollution, therefore there is no risk for cancer or irritating effects.


  • Those common disinfectant products such as alcohol sanitiser are not effective at eliminate viruses?

    The cell membrane of bacteria can actually dehydrated by 75% alcohol concentration, causing the bacteria to rupture and died, however most virus does not have any cell membrane and will not effected by alcohol. Therefore, there is no significant effect to virus. It’s noteworthy that virus is most deadly for human, such as H1N1 influenza virus.


  • What is the difference between ELECLEAN and other disinfectant products?

    Generally, the common disinfectant products sold in the market contains chemical additives and preservatives to prevent the deterioration of the disinfectant. Although it has remain their disinfecting effect, it is left with chemical residue followed by side effects such as cancer, skin allergies and dermatitis.


  • Can I pour the high reactive oxygen water to another container? Will it reduce the effectiveness after contact with air or light?

    Yes, you may pour out to another container and carried separately. The high reactive oxygen water will not affect by air or light and can also maintain for 72 hours.


  • How long does the high reactive oxygen agent can be stored?

    The high reactive oxygen agent can only be stored for 72 hours since there is no chemical preservatives or stabilizers are added. After 72 hours, just press the [activate] button to reactivate once again and you will get fresh high reactive oxygen agent in 15 minutes.


  • It it economical to use ELECLEAN?

    Most disinfectant products are mostly disposable, consumer have to purchase repeatedly and generate a lot of unnecessary rubbish that is unfriendly to our environment. ELECLEAN Disinfectant Device is classified as household electrical appliances, it can use for many years and it is economical in long term use especially it only need to add in water only. The average of 100cc is about €0.20, on the other hand, other disinfectant products in Europe is €0.60~0.80.